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Velcro Pop ups

Flex Pop ups

A very versatile and easy to use, cost effective Backdrop system. It is very easy to carry and very stylish product for all event, Exhibitions or raod shows.
Flex pop up is used to erect partitions, backdrops for various occasions or just to display large hoarding size banners on site.
all types of graphics are attached using male/ female hook & loop tape. Graphics can be fixed or removed any number of times.
Graphic replacement or change is cost effective just by reprinting graphics and fixing hook & loop on new graphic.
Two types of carrying options are available for Flex pop up and it can be carried in a shoulder Bag or an airline trolley case.
Graphic for Flex pop up can be solvent flex for single one piece banner, available as 7.5x7.5ft ,7.5x10 ft or 7.5x15 ft
We can provide high quality photo realistic inkjet print on thin canvas (with one joint) if you require high quality HDR water resistant and fade resistant print. We also provide crease resistant textile print with transfer process printing methods.
Weight : 7.5’ x 7.5’ in shoulder bag 8 Kg. weight in Air trolley 17 kg. Without graphics. Flex graphic weight is 1.5 Kg.
Flex pop up is made with Aluminum pipes chrome plated metal locking hooks , high quality plastic hubs brass nuts and high quality hook & loop tapes backed with basket material to provide support and long life to the product.