Cheap Stands for Promotion

Promotion Tent kiosk
outdoor Gazebo
Adjustable Backdrop

Tent Canopy Available is 3x3 ft,4x4 ft and 6x6x7 ft printed in flex or in Nylon

Gazebo for events or Display Available in 3x3 or 3x6 meters

Adjustable Backdrop Stand

available in 3-7.5x 4-7.5 ft

Promotion Products

Plastic Promotion table
Pop up table
Screen Promotion table

Strong Fiber Molded Shelved Promotion Table
Available in Sun board OR Polycarbonate Fascia Frontage 80 x cm , Two sides 35cm wide 80 high 2 pcs ,Header 20 cm x 80 Weight : 6 Kg/ 7 Kg.


Pop up Table is designed based on easy to use Magnetic Pop Up system
Popup Tables are Strong and Sturdy. Preferred for use as Reception Table.
Wooden Table Top Folds for ease of carrying.
Pop up Table comes with shelf.
Size 80x180cm
Weighs 10 Kgs App.
Sold with or without graphics

Velcro pop up is used to erect partitions, backdrops or just display large hoarding like banners. Print is stuck to the stand using male Velcro tape Grphic can be fixed or removed any number of times.
Easily change graphics by fixing Velcro on new graphic.
Velcro pop up can be carried in a shoulder Bag

​Screen Promotion table is made of Very Sturdy Aluminum Frame support using Special Hinge.Makes it possible to fold it completely for comfort of portability and ease setup.This Promotion Table can take weight upwards of 60+ KgCan be used as Registration or Promotion table Frontage 70 cm wide 80 cm high, Two sides 35cm wide 80 high 2 pcs ,Header 20 cm x 80 cm ,Table top white Laminate wood 80x48 cmWt eigh: 8 Kg


Most Popular Banner stand as it is easy to use , Carry and protects Prints/ Graphics completely
Regular Roll up is available in four Convenient sizes, 60cmx160cm, 80x200cm,90x200cm & 120x200-235cm 120cm comes with duel poles. Also available 240cm x 200 cm roll up.